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Sat, Dec 14, 2019
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  1. No gain in Spain for Greens and Reds

    Spain has always been a very difficult place for Greek teams to go in the Euroleague, and both Olympiakos and Panathinaikos duly suffered defeats this week to Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively.

  2. Ten startups absorbed most of the capital from funds

    Ten Greek startups have absorbed over 80 percent of the capital that Equifund’s investment funds as well as other investors distributed this year.

  3. Greece far behind its EU peers in GDP and private consumption

    Greece’s per capita gross domestic product and real private consumption remained well below the European Union mean rate in 2018, according to Eurostat.

  4. Broadband connections are picking up speed

    For the first time in Greece, a number of internet users have this year been enjoying connection speeds of at least 100 megabytes per second, as a National Commission for Telecommunications and Post (EETT) study concerning the first half of the year showed that 1.1 percent of broadband landline connections fell into that category.

  5. ATHEX: Bourse index adds more than 2 percent this week

    Consolidation in the global money markets on Friday, thanks to the outcome of the British election and the trade deal between the US and China, helped the Greek bourse end the week on a high, too.

  6. Support for Greece on Turkey-Libya MoU in EU Council conclusions

    European leaders lent their support to Greece and Cyprus in the face of Turkish provocations, in the communique outlining the conclusions of the first day of the European Council. 

  7. Chinese-led consortium to build Cyprus' gas import terminal

    Cyprus signed a deal on Friday with a Chinese-led consortium to build the east Mediterranean island nation's first natural gas import terminal that officials said will help the country generate cleaner and cheaper energy.

  8. Japan eyes Alexandroupolis port, says envoy

    Japan's Ambassador to Greece, Yasuhiro Shimizu, paid a visit to the Alexandroupolis Port Authority on Friday to express his country's interest in the northern Greek port's privatization and investments, particularly in the fields of energy and railways.

  9. Positive feedback on Hercules by JP Morgan

    JP Morgan views the Hercules plan for the reduction of Greek banks’ nonperforming exposure (NPE) backlog very positively. 

  10. Toddler dies of septic shock in Patras hospital

    A 2-year-old girl died of septic shock a week after being admitted to the intensive care unit of the Patra General Hospital. 

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