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Tue, Jul 17, 2018
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Living in Crete: Get to Know How Brits and Irish do it

The Livingincrete:BritsinCrete community includes Irish + EU nationals taking up life on the Greek island. Learn of their experiences dreaming then coming and making the move to settle down on Creta. This blog is an entry to our two main websites with lots of advice.
  1. Early Warning: Winter Flu Have You Got Your Vaccination?
    Graphic look at an Influenza Virus (Graphic Image: cdc.com) Greece,  Malta Serious Outbreaks of H3N2 Strain Expected  For Europe, the winter influenza season is here again and time to get those jabs for the retirees and the young. #Greece has yet to publicly announce any health warnings but #Malta's #health authorities predict already that during winter 2017/8 the spread of the flu
  2. Tsipras' Two Finger Salute to Troika Over Islands Tax Issue
    Merkel and Tsipras :: Forever At Odds over Greece From a #British - Anglo Saxon viewpoint many situations in Greece can have an illogical element to them. I often remark if #Greeks would only listen,  then solutions would be found much sooner. Of course it is all too easy to generalise. But this in recent days I was proud of a major Greek decision to give the two finger gesture to the
  3. Jet2.com To Open Birmingham hub in March :: Adds Competition to Med's Holiday Markets
    Jet2's brand new Boeing 737-800 (Artists Impression) Holiday flights airline, Jet2.com Airline as part of its expansion plans is opening up Birmingham (IATA-BHX) as its 9th hub airport from March 31, 2017. The leisure travel specialist ( it also operates Jet2 Holidays) will base 4 brand new Boeing 737-800 Winglet aircraft there to serve 15 destinations.  At the top of the new sunshine

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