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Wed, Jan 23, 2019
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  1. Fitch: HFSF, BoG plans to help lenders

    The quality of Greek banks’ assets and their levels of capital constitute the biggest challenges for the sector in 2019, and these two factors will also determine the course of Greece’s assessment by its creditors, Fitch analysts noted on Tuesday at an event in Athens.

  2. PPC’s dominant position in local market returns to the spotlight

    Greece’s creditors have raised the issue of Public Power Corporation’s dominant position in Greece’s wholesale and retail markets, sources said after staff-level meetings conducted in Athens this week.

  3. Revenues from tourism point to 2018 being a record year

    Travel receipts amounted to 15.847 billion euros in the first 11 months of last year, Bank of Greece data showed on Tuesday.

  4. ATHEX: Fitch boosts bank stocks, benchmark

    A Fitch Ratings statement, saying that the plans proposed in Athens for the reduction of bad loans in Greece could offer genuine hope for the credit sector’s redemption, boosted local bank stocks on Tuesday, which had a positive knock-on effect on the rest of the market too.

  5. Newspaper publisher Themos Anastasiades dies, aged 61

    Greek newspaper publisher and journalist Themos Anastasiades died on Tuesday, aged 61, after 18 months of fighting cancer. He published the daily Proto Thema.

  6. Cambridge lecture to shine new light on Phaistos Disk

    The results of a 10-year study by British linguist Gareth Owens and Oxford University phonetics professor John Coleman to decipher the famously enigmatic Phaistos Disk of Crete will be presented at Cambridge University on February 3 in a lecture titled “From Linear B to the Phaistos Disk.”

  7. Erdogan’s mosques in the Balkans

    Just about everyone knows that there is more than one dimension to the name dispute between Greece and FYROM. There is the geopolitical tension between the West and Russia, but there is also the role of Turkey and its continued penetration in the Balkans.

  8. Operational inadequacy

    Serious mistakes were clearly made in the police’s handling of the rally in downtown Athens on Sunday in protest at the Prespes name deal, which descended into violence and resulted in dozens of injuries.

  9. Just one bid for Elefsis Shipyards

    Only one offer, from Cypriot company Inter-M Traders, was said to have reached KPMG, which is conducting the tender for an investor in Elefsis Shipyards on behalf of the overindebted shipbuilding group and creditor bank Alpha, in cooperation with the Economy Ministry.

  10. Extension expected for Hellenic Petroleum bids

    Greece is set to extend the deadline for two investors to submit final bids for a controlling stake in Hellenic Petroleum to give them more time to scrutinize the company’s finances, two sources close to the matter said. 

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