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Fri, May 25, 2018
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  1. EU-funded environmental protection project launched

    Conservationists in Greece expect to receive a big boost after the launch of a major European Union-funded program related to the protection of the Mediterranean country’s natural environment and biodiversity.

  2. Married couple in Corfu arrested for alleged child abuse

    A married couple, aged 42 and 36, were arrested on the Ionian island of Corfu on Friday for allegedly performing lewd acts on a 13-year-old boy.

  3. Killer fugitive nabbed in Serres

    Greek police said on Friday that they arrested a 39-year-old Bulgarian national last week in Serres, northern Greece, over a murder he was charged with eight years ago.

  4. Police officers union slams leadership

    The union of Greek police officers (POASY) is accusing the leadership of the Hellenic Police (ELAS) and the Citizens’ Protection Ministry of indifference to and tolerance of attacks on officers deployed to protect notary firms conducting auctions of foreclosed properties.

  5. ND slams Tsipras over comments on FYROM name dispute

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras came under fire from the opposition on Friday for saying that an agreement with Skopje on a name that would include a qualifier in front of the term “Macedonia” would be a “great victory” for the Greek side.

  6. Greece’s Public Power Corp prepares for sale of coal-fired units

    Greek electricity utility Public Power Corp (PPC) will invite investors to submit expressions of interest for the sale of two coal-fired units next week.

  7. Mirror images of national agony

    When I hear “Macedonia is Greek!” I think of the slogan used by opponents to Irish independence in the early 1900s: “Ulster is British.” The two cries are mirror images of national agony.

  8. Greeks control 20 pct of global merchant fleet

    Greek shipping remains a global leader in 2018, controlling 20 percent of the global fleet in deadweight tons (dwt), according to the Union of Greek Shipowners’ annual report for 2017-18 released on Thursday. 

  9. Cartoon
  10. Newsfront summit aims to boost local maritime industry

    Publisher, print buyer and media and event consultant media group Newsfront/Naftiliaki is organizing an event titled “Support the Local Maritime Industry Summit” on June 7, in the context of the Posidonia 2018 shipping exhibition at the Metropolitan Expo Center next to Athens International Airport. 

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