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Fri, Sep 04, 2015
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Minoan Language Crete Dialect

Minoan Language Crete Dialect


Crete, culturally and linguistically is regarded throughout Europe as the cradle of European civilization. The Minoans on Crete, 3,000 years ago was the first European culture to have a written form of their language.

Much like the ancient Egyptian language in its written form, the Minoans developed their own hieroglyphic language. Unlike the Egyptian language of the Pharoahs, Minoan is until this day is still today being deciphered. Only recently are orthologists (language experts) able to decipher the key methodology and construct of the Minoan language.

With communication enhanced through written script, the Minoans were also the first advanced civilization to emerge in Europe producing pottery and metalwork of exceptional beauty, crafted with a high degree of creativity and skill. It is thought by today's historians that the Minoans drew their inspiration from the earlier advanced civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia.


Did You Know Crete Has Many Dialects?


Today, Crete has a number of its own dialects, geographically localized. But modern Greek, the official language of Greece is spoken by everyone in Crete as the lingua franca, as the common tongue. Much of the folklore surrounding the Cretan culture is preserved and propagated through the highly popular Mantinadas that are expressive, from the heart, songs of life and happenings to the people today and of their forefathers. Mantinadas are unique to Crete and can heard throughout the day on local Crete-specific radio stations across the island.

 What is the single most important sound that identifies a Cretan speaker?


Cretans turn the the soft "K" sound as in, "h" and "x", into a "sh" sound. This is most pronounced in "Oxi," which means "no". Therefore Oxi (O'hee - ) becomes O'shee.

Crete (Kriti) as written in the ISO-639 Standard in other languages:

Albanian aae/sq: Kretë
Bosnian bs: Kreta
Bulgarian bg:Крит
Catalan ca: Creta
Czech cs: Kréta
Welsh cym: Creta
Danish da: Kreta
German de: Kreta
Estonian et: Kreeta
Greek el: Κρήτη
Spain es: Creta
Esperanto eo: Kreto
Basque (euskara) eu: Kreta
France fr: Crète
ghc: Chréit
Croatian hr: Krit
Hungarian hu: Kréta
Korean ko: 크리티 지역
Bahasa Indonesian id: Kreta
Icelandish is: Krít
Italian it: Creta
Latin la: Creta
Latvian lv: Krēta
Luxembourgish lb: Kreta
Lithuania lt: Kreta
Dutch nl: Kreta
Japanese ja: クレタ島
Norwegian no: Kreta
Polish pl: Kreta
Portuguese pt: Creta
Romanian ro: Creta
Russian ru:Крит
Slovakian sk: Kréta
Slovenian sl: Kreta
Serbian sr: Крит
Finland fi: Kreeta
Swedish sv: Kreta
Turkish tr: Girit
vec: Venetian Creta
zho: Chinese 克里特Crete

ISO Code Reference:ISO 639

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