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Tue, Apr 25, 2017
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  1. Get your Santorini dream house with Santopoly

    Along with their bottle of white Assyrtiko wine, the thousands who visit the Aegean island of Santorini every year can now leave with another souvenir of their holidays: Santopoly, an ingenious board game created by a young Greek couple.

  2. Healthy children, healthy planet

    “Today we went to the market – it was great!” says Niki, a kindergarten teacher, describing the experience of her class, which took part in World Wildlife Fund Hellas’ educational program “Healthy Kids, Healthy Planet” earlier this year.

  3. EU auditors say migrant centers in Greece, Italy overwhelmed

    European Union auditors say that centers set up in Greece and Italy to fast-track the registration of migrants are overwhelmed and urgently require more experts, particularly to help children.

  4. Saving democracy

    A European Union that goes to such lengths to express its relief and embellish situations so as to partially justify this relief probably doesn't trust the ideas, visions and values that are touted as being strong and dear to all its members.

  5. Eurozone deficit down at lowest level since early 2008

    Following years of often strict budget austerity, the level of government borrowing in the 19-country eurozone has fallen to its lowest level since early 2008.

  6. Greek power utility PPC gets 200 mln euro loan to help repay debt

    Greece's main power utility Public Power Corp. (PPC) has secured a 200 million euro ($217 million) bond loan from the country's main lenders to refinance debt, it said on Tuesday.

  7. Human remains found in trash bag in Kolonos

    Police are investigating after a trash bag containing human bones was found inside a waste container in the area of Kolonos, western Athens, on Tuesday.

  8. Xanthi teacher sued for homophobic material

    Anti-racist and anti-homophobia groups including the Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) and Athens Pride, have joined forces in filing suit against a teacher of religious education in Xanthi, northern Greece, for distributing homophobic material.

  9. China eyes sending over 1.5 mln tourists in the medium term

    Beijing is setting a medium-term target for a tenfold rise in Chinese visitors to Greece, who as of this summer will be able to use online payment platform Alipay, launched in China by Alibaba Group in 2004, in Greece too.

  10. Bill in the works to make state jobs permanent

    The government is preparing to honor a pledge to offer permanent status to civil servants in key posts of the public sector, Kathimerini understands, with legislation boosting their rights expected to head to Parliament soon.

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