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Thu, Jul 27, 2017
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  1. SETE calls for zoning plan for tourism

    The Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) is calling for the formation of a special, investment-friendly zoning plan for tourism.

  2. Banks prepare to issue bonds of their own

    Greek banks are preparing their own bond issues following the country’s successful return to the markets after three years.

  3. Confusion over old tax cases probe

    The State Legal Council is passing the hot potato of the statute of limitations for old tax violations (before 2006) to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue.

  4. Short-term lease takings to be taxed as normal rental incomes

    Owners leasing their properties via short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway will have their earnings taxed at the same rates as regular rental incomes.

  5. Recovery is fragile, Parliament's Budget Office warns

    Greece’s return to the markets on Tuesday constituted a positive sign, but if reforms are not continued and the third bailout review is not swiftly concluded the country risks sliding back into recession, with social tension and more problems in obtaining financing from the markets, the economists of the Parliamentary Budget Office warned on Wednesday.

  6. ATHEX: Stock price slide gathers momentum

    After slipping off sellers’ radar in recent days, banks were back at the forefront on Wednesday as local stocks headed south in the strongest sign to date that investors are simply not convinced that the Greek economy is set to stage a full recovery.

  7. Tsipras defends gov't record, ambivalent on judiciary

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras defended his government’s record while striking an ambivalent stance vis-a-vis an ongoing clash between his administration and the Greek judiciary in a wide-ranging interview aired by Alpha TV on Wednesday.

  8. ND slams gov’t after Rouvikonas rallies in Parliament courtyard

    The government came under fire from the political opposition Wednesday after members of the Rouvikonas anti-establishment group breached security on the perimeter of Greece’s Parliament building and entered the courtyard, the second such incident in as many years.

  9. Ministry hits out at Albania over razed properties

    The Foreign Ministry criticized Albania Wednesday over the demolition of properties belonging to members of the Greek minority in the southern region of Himara, declaring that the violation of European principles by a country aiming to join the EU “means that, in reality, this country does not want its European course.”

  10. Firefighters battling 19 wildfires across Greece

    Eight firefighters Wednesday were battling a fire that broke out in the area of Ierapetra on Crete, with the assistance of three vehicles and several dozen volunteers.

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