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Sun, Mar 26, 2017
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  1. Greece in the 1980s: A correspondent remembers

    The early 1980s were a good time to be a foreign correspondent in Greece, as long as you were thick-skinned, adaptable and had a sense of humor. The early, passionate days of Andreas Papandreou’s leadership gave us plenty of material.

  2. Greek police enlists kids in road safety campaign

    “Mom, don’t talk on the phone.” “Dad, pay attention.” “Grandpa, don’t drink and drive.” These and similar words of advice from elementary school children flooded the inbox of the Greek Police (ELAS) Press and Creative Planning Office last December.

  3. Brave 10-man Greece snatches vital point in Brussels

    Costas Mitroglou scored from Greece’s only shot to earn the national team a precious 1-1 draw in Belgium for the World Cup qualifiers that has boosted the Greek chances for a top-two finish, behind the Belgians.

  4. Precious road win at last for Panathinaikos

    Panathinaikos jumped into joint fourth in the Euroleague after scoring its first big win away from home in the regular season, downing Baskonia on Thursday, while Olympiakos is not at risk of losing its third place despite going down at home to leader Real Madrid on Friday.

  5. ATHEX: Traders realize review talks have gone on for too long

    Foreign traders appear to lose their patience with the endless talks between the government and its creditors while the economy’s negative signs do not point to a return to growth any time soon. The Greek bourse felt the impact of this mood on Friday, ending the week in the red.

  6. EU’s Juncker pushes for preliminary deal on Greek bailout by April 7

    European Commission President Jean-Claude Claude said on Friday that eurozone lenders and Greece should reach a technical deal before a meeting of eurozone finance ministers on April 7.

  7. Greece’s primary surplus in 2016 higher than forecast, says EU official

    Eurozone lenders estimate Greece had a primary surplus between 2 and 3 percent of its gross domestic product last year, much higher than the target set under its bailout program.

  8. The ‘smart city’ of Trikala and the future of Greece

    A visit this week to Trikala and meetings there with government and business leaders has reinforced my optimism about Greece’s future and this country’s rich endowment of human and natural resources.

  9. Turkish asylum requests on the rise

    An increasing number of Turkish nationals have been finding their way to Greece since the failed coup attempt in the neighboring country and the mass purges that followed.

  10. Uninsured vehicles

    Back in 2013, Greece’s Parliament passed legislation that enabled authorities to track down uninsured vehicles. Four years later, however, that law remains on paper.

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