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Mon, Apr 23, 2018
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  1. Lesvos mayor puts onus for violence on government

    The mayor of the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, which on Sunday night experienced some of the worst violence it has seen since the start of the refugee crisis in 2015, put the onus for the events that unfolded in downtown Mytilini squarely on the leftist-left government.

  2. Science Festival | Athens | April 24-29

    More than 90 interactive events, 32 workshops for children and 22 for adults, 45 lectures and five competitions make up this year’s annual Athens Science Festival at the municipal Technopolis venue. 

  3. Turkey ‘losing sight’ of European targets, Tsipras says

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday ruled out any trade-off with Turkey in efforts to secure the release of two detained Greek soldiers and said Ankara appeared to be moving further away from Europe.

  4. Just 18 percent of Greeks think life is fair, survey shows

    Most Europeans feel that they are treated fairly in terms of opportunities to get ahead at 58 percent, but there are huge disparities in the 28-member block, with just 18 percent of Greeks telling a Eurobarometer survey that life is fair, against 81 percent of Danes.

  5. Greece beats budget target for third year, debt edges down

    Greece has beaten its bailout budget targets for a third successive year and eased its massive debt burden by a fraction as the country prepares to exit its international rescue program in four months.

  6. Natalia Mela | Crete | To June 30

    “Natalia Mela: Sculptures” at the Historical Museum of Crete brings together 25 works by the distinguished Greek artist that showcase her inventive use of unconventional materials and are set beside stone and marble sculptures from the Byzantine and Venetian periods.

  7. A=-A | Athens | To May 26

    With the 162 pieces of pencil, ink, acrylics and oils that comprise “A=-A,” Dimitris Anastasiou tells the story of Alpha, a character frantically trying to discover who he is and his place in the world around him. 

  8. A refugee family’s integration into Greek education

    The Delfe family believe in the value of education above all else as they feel it is a practical way to integrate into Greek society.

  9. At least 10 hurt after migrants attacked on Greek island

    Authorities on the Greek island of Lesvos say at least 10 people were hospitalized and more than 100 detained following a violent protest against migrants who had been camped out at the island’s main port for five days.

  10. Two policemen in hospital after Athens eviction attack

    Two police officers were being treated at an Athens hospital on Monday after being attacked in the course of an eviction in the downtown neighborhood of Aghios Panteleimonas.

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