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Wed, Jul 17, 2019
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Comprehensive Insurance Cover For the Foreign Community Living in Greece

You Choose the Policy Type : We Recommend Top Insurers
in Greece, Britain and Ireland


If you are part of the foreign community living on the island of Crete, elsewhere in Greece, or for that matter living anywhere else in the EU, then this page tells you of Brits in Crete recommended and reliable insurance brokers in Greece, mainland UK and Ireland. These insurers write insurance policies for Greece including holiday insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, holiday home insurance, health insurance, personal healthcare and hospital insurance, life assurance, pet insurance, home contents insurance, and earthquake insurance, and more.

What Insurance Cover Do You Need in Greece?

Brits in Crete.GR Recommends: Stavros Sideris, a reliable Crete based, Greece-wide Insurance Agency

You will get a price competitively priced policy that best suits you from one of six leading GREEK insurers through:



The person you will first contact is Stavros Sideris of Greek insurance broker, Sideris Insurance in Heraklion, Crete. Stavros handles island-wide brokering business as well as client enquiries from all over Greece. Stavros offers a range of policies for Ex-Pats living in Greece. Click on any policy type below that interests you:

Policies will be written with one of Greece's six leading Insurance Groups based on your choice of policy selected.

Stavros advises you: "It is easy to get quotes for insurance all over Greece, but the single most important fact you should know is this: If ever you have to make a claim, is the insurer easy to contact (do they speak English?) and are they easy to give compensation, and if so how much?" That is where Stavros helps at the right time. More

Stavros gets the best quotes and policy premiums from Greece's leading insurers. He is an independent broker and works on your behalf!

Do not cheat yourself by taking the cheapest choice when it comes to taking out Greek insurance cover. Sounds good upfront but what about when you need to claim? You know the old saying: "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is". Seek This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail advice if you are a foreign resident living in Greece.

You Require UK and Ireland Based Online Insurance Offers?



British-based or Irish-based, Ex-pat Health Cover ....


REQUIRED INSURANCE INDUSTRY DISCLAIMER: Brits In Crete does not provide Financial or Insurance advice to British, Irish or other visitors to this web site. We leave the advice to be given to the specialist expert insurance firms we introduce you to and their broker(s). It is up to you to be satisfied with the quotation costs given for the premiums, policy values, and policy conditions. Useful Advice on taking out Greek Insurance.

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