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Fri, Feb 27, 2015
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Greece Blue Moon Dates

Greece :: Blue Moon Dates 2012 - 2028

Blue Moon Dates  

2012 August 31
2015 July 31
2018 January 31
2018 March 31
2020 October 31
2023 August 31
2026 May 31
2028 December 31


Blue Moon Definition

The Blue Moon is so called "blue" when there is a second moon in a particular month. That second moon has a blue-ish tint to its colour as seen from Earth. From the table above of Blue Moon dates you can see that they are indeed a rarity. The previous Blue Moon was on August 31, 2012. The next Blue Moon is on July 31, 2015. Not all Blue Moons are Full Moons.

Monthly Moon Phases and Dates (for Greece and Cyprus)

Moon Phases in Crete 2014

Moon Phases in Crete 2015

Moon Phases in Crete 2016

Moon Phases in Crete 2017




Blue Moon 2012

 Blue Moon 2012 by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, on Flickr taken on August 31, 2012. There is not another Blue Moon until July 31, 2015