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Wed, Jul 27, 2016
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Site Security

Web Site Trust. Our Guarantee.

Recent surveys in the English speaking world, indicate that over half of all visitors to web sites simply will not carry out a purchase online, afraid their financial information may get stolen. Are you one of them? BritsinCrete has been around since 2004, but in November 2011 we took that extra step to safeguard this web site and your privacy when we upgraded to an open source content management system. As part of that leap in Web 2.0 technology we installed a RapidSSL Certificate from Geotrust and Trustico as a security measure at a time of massive growth in fake web sites, cloning of legitimate web sites, viruses and identity theft.

We take your privacy and online security seriously. We wish you to have full confidence in britsincrete.net whether it is signing up to free membership with benefits, or to make a paid transaction.

Secured By RapidSSL and Trustico

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