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Sat, Jul 04, 2020
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Living in Crete: Get to Know How Brits and Irish do it

The Livingincrete:BritsinCrete community includes Irish + EU nationals settling down on the Greek island. Learn of their experiences firstly dreaming then coming and making the move to live on Creta. This blog is an entry to our two main websites with lots of advice.
  1. Covid-19 :: Are Direct Holiday Flights between UK and Greece Really Going to Happen?
    Greece's NOTAM Aviation Directive: Further Suspension of Direct UK-Greece Flights Typical quiet beach, Western Crete Things are not looking good for resuming normal flights from Britain to Greece after July 1, in my opinion.  The reason could well be that the Covid-19 pandemic is not subsiding fast enough in the United Kingdom. It would be such a pity, the local weather is just like the
  2. Booked Jet2? Your Post CV-19 Guide to Holiday Flights To Greece/Cyprus
    In the post-CV-19 period, Jet2.com’s staggered start dates range from July through to November, 2020, even some slated for well into 2021. Below is an extensive list of Jet2 services from nine British Airports to 14 Greek resort areas and two in Cyprus.  The list was valid as of on May 22, 2020, Jet2.com’s last CV-19 update affecting their services and shows the planned starting months for
  3. Call For Speakers | 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution 1821-2021
    Conference Experts Sought for "The Revolution of 1821 in Crete. Two hundred years later”  Attention British and other Philhellene experts (Grecophiles) you are invited to Chania in June 2021 to speak at a scientific conference dedicated to the subject of Crete’s contribution to Greece’s 1821 Revolution that led to independence for the country.  BritsinCrete has learned that this major and

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