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Sat, Jul 04, 2020
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Ryanair Flights Greece 2012

Ryanair Flights to/from Greece

Summer Holiday Flights Schedule 2012 To/From Crete

To and From Chania Ioannis Daskalogiannis International Airport (IATA Code - CHQ)

Chania (CHQ) - Glasgow Prestwick (PIK)         TBA  New Route in 2012
Chania (CHQ) - Leeds Bradford (LBA)              Start date Sat 31 Mar 2012  --->
Chania (CHQ) - Oslo (Rygge - Moss) (RYG)     Start date 31 March 2012 --->
Chania (CHQ) - Frankfurt -Hahn (HHN)          TBA
Chania (CHQ) - Milan -Bergamo (BGY)           TBA
Chania (CHQ) - Wroclaw - Poland (WRO)        TBA


Other Ryanair Routes Between Greece and the UK

To and From Corfu "Ioannis Kapodistrias" International Airport (IATA Code :: CFU)

Corfu (CFU) - Leeds/Bradford (LBA)                Start date Thu 29 Mar 2012 --->
Corfu (CFU) - London Stansted (STN)              Start date Thur 1 March 2012
Corfu (CFU) - Glasgow Prestwick (PIK)             TBA - New Route in 2012

To and From Kos International Airport (IATA Code :: KGS)

Kos (KGS) - Leeds/Bradford (LBA)                 Start date Wed 28 Mar 2012
Kos (KGS) - Liverpool (LPL)                           Start date Sun 25 Mar 2012 12


To and From Rhodes Diagoras International Airport (IATA Code - RHO)

Rhodes (RHO) - Liverpool (LPL)                     Start date    Mon 26 March 2012
Rhodes (RHO) - London Stansted (STN)         Start date    Tue 27 March 2012


To and from Thessaloniki, Macedonia International Airport (IATA Code:: SKG)

Thessaloniki (SKG)  - London Stansted (STN)   Flying Year round


Normally, Ryanair's Summer flight schedules to/from Crete and the rest of Greece end around the last week in October each year, depending on the days of operation. 

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