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Fri, Oct 23, 2020
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About Us

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  • Front Page

    For this website, BritsinCrete.Net, we refer to our "default" or "home" page as the Front Page.

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  • About Us

    About Us - Brits in Crete

    The dedicated website that helps convert British dreamers into long term residents in Crete.

    1. About the Island of Crete Itself

    Crete is where many Brits dream to take up their long term residence outside the United Kingdom. It is full of surprises. It is long, runs West to East and looks almost horizontal on a Mercator projection map of the world. It is hilly, it has wonderful Blue Flag Beaches (Europe Accreditation entity); it has one of the world's best diets, aptly called the Cretan Diet. And the weather is defined as Mediterranean with long sunny summer days and wetter, yet mild in winter. It enjoys noticeable Spring and Autumn (Fall) seasons too, all be they brief.

    2. About Never Getting Bored in Crete as an Expat

    It is true there is always so much to do living in Crete. 

    3. To sum up 

    BritsinCrete advises those who wish to stay in Crete to come on over, dream no more!

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  • Advertising
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  • Site Policies

    The Brits in Crete web portal web site's declaration of legal policies and responsibilities under law. 

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  • Campaigns

    Trying to Get Important Messages Out

    Brits in Crete as an expat community gets involved with helping publicize happenings to British folk in Greece, whether visiting or living here. Often social media and in publicity, in English has good exposure to target English speakers in the country. Often this can help awareness to find 'missing people', as an example. 

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  • Links

    Encouraging Reciprocal Linking with Other Websites

    BritsinCrete has a policy to actively encourage others to link to us, and vice versa to mutual benefit and between same subject areas.

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