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Thu, Jul 02, 2020
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  1. Greece urges Turkey to keep Hagia Sophia as museum

    Greece said on Thursday Turkey risked opening up “a huge emotional chasm” with Christian countries if it pressed ahead with a proposal to convert the Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul into a mosque.

  2. Aegean tension fueling Berlin concern

    With Germany assuming the European Union presidency on Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed concern over developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and Greek-Turkish relations in response to questions from MPs in the Bundestag.

  3. Boris Johnson’s father flouts rules to visit Pelion villa

    Boris Johnson’s father has flown to Greece ignoring Foreign Office guidance for Brits to avoid “all but essential travel” due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

  4. Turkey wants French apology over Mediterranean warships incident

    Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday Turkey expects France to apologise after an incident between Turkish and French warships in the Mediterranean prompted Paris to request a NATO investigation that was inconclusive.

  5. Kammenos denies wrongdoing

    Panos Kammenos has denied any wrongdoing after reports over the weekend about a secret recording in which the former defense minister appears to call for an intervention in the judicial process targeting opponents in the media and elsewhere.

  6. Court considers status of Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia

    A state attorney on Thursday recommended that Turkey’s highest administrative court reject a request that Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia, which now serves as a museum, be turned back into a mosque, state-run media reported.

  7. Armed robbery at Patra post office

    Police have launched a manhunt for two armed men who robbed a post office in Patra in the Peloponnese on Thursday morning.

  8. Outstanding pensions on the table in seventh post-bailout inspection

    Greece’s creditors have noted considerable delays in the payment of expired state dues, especially in outstanding pension applications, which is now one of the most serious problems in the context of seventh post-bailout assessment that starts on Monday.

  9. Grand debate over Grand Walk

    With interventions in downtown Athens to create an extensive pedestrianized network continuing into July, a public debate has begun over its necessity and impact. Despite the support it has received, the disruptions to traffic and other shortcomings of the Grand Walk have some critics charging that is being done without proper planning and a pre-existing sufficient study. [Stelios Stefanou/InTime News]

  10. Hagia Sophia verdict expected within 15 days, says report

    A verdict on whether Hagia Sophia in Istanbul will be converted into a mosque is to be issued within 15 days, Turkey’s Daily Sabah reported Thursday.

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