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Sat, Jul 04, 2020
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Directions to Heraklion Airport from Elounda

Get Directions from Central Elounda 
to/from Heraklion International Airport

To get to and from Heraklion Airport and Elounda is a straight forward route by taking the main North Coast highway, E75. The journey by car takes about 75 minutes.  The same journey by taxi, approximately 60 minutes in either direction. 

Elounda is Greece's "French Riviera'. It is known as the playground for Greece's rich and famous. Many own houses in the area. There are a number of super deluxe 5 and 6 Star hotels located there with attached convention facilities. So, whether it is a conference or a VIP private visit, there is a good chance you could bump into someone famous. Ronaldo, President Clinton, Saudi Royals have all stayed in this famous resort.

Instructions: To adjust the map you can zoom in and out using the +/- slider to left of the map; move Marker A to your starting point - most likely your hotel in the Elounda area for the driving directions to the International airport for Heraklion. Marker A is placed at the taxi stand which is by the car park and the main square in the port area - right in the centre of Elounda town. Marker B is currently positioned at the present Heraklion International Airport. If you have rented a car, it likely will be dropped off at the end of the long carriageway, at the right hand turn when you reach the traffic lights before the Terminal building. Please note this page may take slightly longer than usual to load as the directions need to be computed.

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