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Thu, Dec 03, 2020
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  1. A truly contactless delivery company

    Svuum, a Greek startup whose onomatopoeic name is the noise made as a motor vehicle speeds up, since May 2019 has focused on becoming a super-advanced courier company.

  2. Mytilineos establishes worldwide presence in waste-derived energy recovery

    A joint venture of companies led by Mytilineos has signed an agreement for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the Protos Energy Recovery Facility project in Cheshire, England, which will treat 400,000 tons of non-recyclable waste per year, the Athens-listed group announced on Wednesday.

  3. Debtors can re-enter their arrangement

    The government is offering tens of thousands of taxpayers and corporations the chance to return to the 100- or 120-installment debt repayment programs, after submitting an amendment in Parliament on Wednesday.

  4. Pessimism engulfs local firms

    It will take at least two years for one in every three enterprises in Greece to revert to the profit levels they had before the advent of the pandemic, while one in every five believes it will need three or four years, according the annual Navigator survey that HSBC has conducted in 39 countries.

  5. Supermarket turnover up 8.4% so far this year

    The pandemic has been the catalyst for the 8.4% annual growth in supermarket turnover from the start of the year till mid-November, according to the latest data by Nielsen, with 70% of that increase being attributed to the nine weeks of the spring lockdown and the first couple of weeks of the fall lockdown.

  6. ATHEX: Banks keep benchmark in the black

    The profit-taking recorded during Wednesday’s bourse session was not enough to avert another day of growth for the benchmark at Athinon Avenue.

  7. Pfizer’s Bourla: Economies should not reopen too quickly

    Governments around the world should not rush to reopen their economies due to the optimism created by the vaccines for the novel coronavirus has been made available, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said on Wednesday at the 31st Greek Economic Summit.

  8. Athens’ real objective: An arms embargo

    Some analysts say that Nikos Dendias’ toughening rhetoric toward Germany is his own personal choice rather than a stance agreed with Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

  9. PM says nightlife will reopen after Covid-19 vaccines are available

    Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsostakis said bars and clubs will only reopen when vaccines for Covid-19 have been made available, while restaurants and retail stores will open gradually and with many restrictions.

  10. Take a tour of Santorini like no other

    Close your eyes for a moment. When you open them, you’ll find yourself in the main square of Fira, on the southern Aegean island of Santorini. Then, as if by magic, you’re flying above the cable car, down to the sea and plunging into the caldera to explore the underwater crater before emerging on Nea Kameni to tour the volcanic islet. 

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