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Tue, Jul 07, 2020
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  1. Migrant flows down by 50% in first half of 2020

    The influx of refugees and migrants to the islands in the first half of 2020 was reduced by 51% compared to the first six months of 2019, according to data released by the Migration Ministry on Monday. 

  2. Nine police officers implicated in three rackets in northern Greece

    The police’s Internal Affairs Division for Northern Greece on Monday said that nine police officers are facing multiple charges over their alleged involvement in three criminal organizations with activities centered mainly in the region of Central Macedonia.

  3. Government at odds with creditors on bankruptcy law

    The new bankruptcy law for individuals and enterprises, to apply from January 2021, as well as the “bridge” program for the protection of borrowers’ primary residences will as of Tuesday form part of the government’s negotiations with its creditors.

  4. New poll gives ND 15.9% lead over opposition SYRIZA

    A new public opinion poll published on Monday evening gives the ruling center-right New Democracy party a significant 15.9% lead over the leftist SYRIZA opposition, while respondents were also in favor of incumbent Kyriakos Mitsotakis for prime minister.

  5. Three new metro stops inaugurated in western Athens suburbs

    Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis rode in the driver’s compartment from Agia Varvara to Nikaia on Monday for the inauguration of three important new stops on Line 3 of the Athens metro, serving the capital’s western suburbs.

  6. Capture One to set up R&D hub in Athens

    Image editing software developer Capture One, a spinoff of Danish company Phase One, has announced via Kathimerini the company’s entry into Greece with the creation of a new research and development hub in Athens which is seen attracting young information technology experts.

  7. GDP to lose 3 years of growth

    Next year Greece will revert to the economic output of 2017, losing the additional wealth it painfully built over the last three years, while this year it will see its economy shrink by 8.5%, leading consultancy Grant Thornton projects in a report.

  8. ATHEX: Early gains turned into late losses

    Resembling a so-called “bull trap” session but on a small scale – i.e. one that starts attracting buyers, raises prices and then ends up in losses – the first day of the week at Athinon Avenue disappointed traders who chose to take positions in the morning.

  9. Investment forum to assess Greece’s attractiveness

    The first half of the 3rd InvestGR Forum: Greece in Pole Position next week will feature four online discussion panels discussing issues such as Greece’s attractiveness as an investment destination.

  10. Majority of new Covid-19 cases traced at border crossing

    Of the 43 new coronavirus infections reported by Greek health authorities on Monday – a significant spike from last week’s daily high of 28 cases – 36 came from tests conducted at the Promachonas crossing on the Greek-Bulgarian border.

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