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Wed, Jul 08, 2020
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Detox With Lemon

Detox with Lemon


Halved Lemon"Lemon" by André Karwath aka Aka - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons - http:// commons. wikimedia. org/wiki /File: Lemon.jpg









Lemons (L. Citrus limon) rich in vitamin C flush the liver of toxins. It is a fact that lemons are a staple intake in all Mediterranean areas, especially in the Cretan Diet. The Greeks use lemons in, on and with, almost everything. They are a big part of their diet often ingested with olive oil. When Lemons are added to dishes, the juices blend together the various flavours of all the ingredients. Lemons are great for marinating meats for this reason.

Most people know that lemons go well as drinks be it in a mixed fruit juice; put into cocktails or as a squeezed lemon squash or even a "fizzy" drink by adding carbonated water. Overall, Lemons aid the digestion process. Ingesting Lemons gives a feeling of comfort. Indeed their intense Vitamin C content flushes the liver of toxins from all over the body. Did you know that the humble lemon is believed to have originated in the foothills of the Himalayas?


Recommended Detox Foods in the Cretan Diet

Avocados - Broccoli - Cabbage - Cranberries - Garlic - Grapefruit - Lemon

Lentils and Pulses - Sunflower Seeds - (Return to Introductory article)

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