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Sun, Nov 29, 2020
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This website now has specialised information for not only British Living in Crete but for the Irish Ex-pat Living in Crete as well.

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Greek Orthodox Easter 2011-2026

Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Easter Dates

Which Years between 2011-2026 do the Eastern and Western Churches of Christianity fall on the same Dates?

Helpful Guide for those Ex-Pats who are living in,

Or who are holidaying in Crete, Greece or Cyprus

During this Important Religious Festival

Front Facade Picture Agios Nikolaos Cathedral

To help plan your Easter, this page is a useful tool for the period up to 2026 to know when the Greek Orthodox Church(Eastern Church) Easter coincides with the Easter dates of the Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Free Churches (Western Churches). Often they don't. How did the inconsistency in annual Easter dates happen? It is a long and complex story. In brief, the date for Easter Sunday for the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches is based on the Gregorian calendar which is the one used in most of the western world today. The Orthodox Churches retain what used to be the universal calendar known as the Julian Calendar that dominated the world for hundreds of years. The Synod (governing body) of the Greek Orthodox Church tried to streamline the Julian calendar in 1923 but to this day there is disagreement within the church hierarchy over its usage, as an unnecessary modernisation to match the Gregorian dates.

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