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Thu, Jul 09, 2020
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  1. Ultra-wealthy looking at Greece

    The years-long aim to lure the ultra-wealthy to Greece through favorable tax incentives appears to be on the way to becoming a reality.

  2. Turkey reacts to US plan for military education, training for Cyprus

    Turkey expressed its disagreement over a US government plan to make International Military Education and Training (IMET) available to Cyprus, saying it does not help resolve the island’s division.

  3. Turkish verdict paving way for Hagia Sophia mosque expected Friday, officials say

    A Turkish court is likely to announce on Friday that the 1934 conversion of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia into a museum was unlawful, two Turkish officials said, paving the way for its restoration as a mosque despite international concerns.

  4. Powerful euro single currency bloc to pick new president

    The powerful group of countries using Europe's single currency will choose a new president on Thursday, with three candidates vying for the challenging task of leading the 19-nation bloc out of the deepest economic recession in decades.

  5. Weber: EU must increase pressure on Turkey over Greece, Cyprus

    The European Union and its member-states must “vigorously defend” Cyprus and Greece against Turkish aggression by “increasing sanction pressure or by deploying EU naval forces” in the Eastern Mediterranean, if Turkey does not stop violating Cypriot and Greek sovereignty, the head of the EPP Group said on Thursday.

  6. Extra liquidity for businesses

    The enterprises hurt by the economic crisis stemming from the coronavirus pandemic will receive additional liquidity of 800 million euros through working capital supplied with a subsidized interest rate through the second Entrepreneurship Fund.

  7. Giant petrified tree trunk found on Lemnos

    A giant petrified tree trunk was discovered at a village on the north Aegean island of Lemnos during excavation and maintenance work carried out by staff of the Museum of Natural History of Lesvos.

  8. Concern over Covid-19 cases at tourist spots

    Greek health authorities are on the alert as coronavirus infections are on an upward curve, with most cases related to international travel, particularly from Balkan nations, and several new infections in tourist spots.

  9. Thirteen-week T-bills secure interest of just 0.01%

    The Public Debt Management Agency (PDMA) on Wednesday announced that the 13-week treasury bills it auctioned secured an interest of just 0.01%, with the Greek state raising 812.5 million euros on the market. 

  10. Greece in talks with Belgium over its inclusion in ‘orange' travel zone

    Athens was in talks with Brussels over the country’s inclusion in Belgium’s elevated risk zone for travel, according to diplomatic sources cited by state-run news agency ANA-MPA.

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