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Thu, Jul 09, 2020
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Weather in Panormos

All About Crete Weather. Weather in Panormos. This detailed 10 Day Weather Forecast in Crete for Panormos, Rethymnon Prefecture is prepared for the local ex-pat residents and holidaymakers. Panormos (Greek: Πάνορμος) straddles the northern coastline on Crete east of Rethymnon City. Its a quaint example of the many small and picturesque fishing villages on Crete. The town's several beaches are ideal for swimming for the children as the sea is shallow and for the most part protected from strong north-northwesterly winds. Holiday Weather Tip: As summer mornings can be refreshingly cool against the heat of midday and the sunlight crystal clear, enjoy an early morning stroll and check out the fishermen in the little port to see what they may have caught. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the visual magic of Crete - its shimmering sunlight that enhances everything the camera lens sees.

Weather forecast for Panormos

Weather in Crete

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